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Bioengineering probiotics to solve everyday problems, starting with the day after drinking.


Drink today. Live tomorrow.

Our first engineered probiotic targets a toxin called acetaldehyde. It's this toxin – not just dehydration – that causes the worst next-day effects of drinking.

Using genetic engineering, we built a probiotic that breaks down acetaldehyde.

How we do it.

Your liver breaks down acetaldehyde using enzymes. But it's not very efficient.

We took a probiotic you eat every day, and we successfully engineered it to produce large amounts of this same kind of enzyme.

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Built with science by scientists.

We are a team of PhD microbiologists and chemists devoted to helping people live full lives by solving everyday problems.

We've spent over 2 years developing the technology behind ZBiotics, and we can't wait to share it with you.

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