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What is ZBiotics?

ZBiotics™ (or “ZB”) is a probiotic that has been genetically engineered to produce an enzyme that breaks down a toxin called acetaldehyde, which is a byproduct of alcohol and a major cause of the worst next-day effects of drinking.  ZB is designed to be taken the night you drink and to help you feel better the next day.

How does it work?

Drinking alcohol produces a toxin called acetaldehyde. It’s this toxin – not just dehydration – that causes the worst morning-after effects of drinking. Using genetic engineering, we built a probiotic that breaks down acetaldehyde. We started with a natural probiotic bacteria found in a Japanese super food called natto (a type of fermented soybeans). Then we edited its DNA so that it produces an enzyme that breaks down acetaldehyde. This is similar to what the liver does, but our probiotic does it even better. Our hypothesis is that when you take this probiotic before drinking alcohol, it will work in the gut throughout the day and night, breaking down acetaldehyde and setting you up for a great next morning.

Why is this different than all the other products out there?

All other products on the market today are just different mixes of the same ~10 off-the-shelf vitamins and plant extracts you can find anywhere. Many of these have absolutely no demonstration of efficacy or even really a hypothesis as to how they could possibly help you. The trend seems to be, "let's sweep a bunch of stuff off the shelf into a bottle, make up a new name for it, and try to sell it as something new."

ZB is different. We looked at one of the major known results of drinking alcohol – acetaldehyde buildup – and actually bioengineered a completely new solution from scratch! We spent two years in the lab engineering a probiotic bacteria with the hopes that it will break down acetaldehyde in your body faster, thus actually addressing the root cause of some of the worst next-day effects of drinking. No one else in the world can say that. Our prototype was invented from the ground up specifically for this purpose, and we’ve patented it.

Furthermore, our product uses a completely new technology! When we launch, we will be literally the 1st genetically engineered probiotic to ever hit the market! This is brand new, and we think it has huge potential. We are extremely excited not just for this particular use case, but for all the other things we think we can do using bioengineered probiotics!

Will it affect my level of intoxication?

No. ZB will not affect your level of intoxication.  All the same rules about alcohol safety apply.  Don’t get behind the wheel, don't operate heavy machinery, and don't drink too much. Alcohol is still dangerous on its own.

How should I store it?

Store ZB at room temperature with the cap on.  Do not refrigerate.  Try not to open it until you’re ready to take it; opening it could potentially let contaminants from the air into the vial.  In theory, it is stable for years if stored this way.  In practice, so far we’ve let samples sit for a couple of months with no issue.

How / when should I take it?

Just give ZB a quick shake and drink it right out of the bottle. We’ve found that it’s best to take it at the beginning of a night of drinking, like right before your first drink.  However, it should have an effect when taken any time during the night, so long as you take it before bed.

What does it taste like?

The ZB prototype should taste like water and have no smell.

How will I feel tomorrow?

ZB is designed to break down acetaldehyde, which causes some of the worst next-day effects of drinking.  It is not designed to break down alcohol, which causes some of the more minor effects. Alcohol itself affects the quality of your sleep and causes dehydration.  So our experience has been that drinking ZB with a heavy night of alcohol may leave us waking up a bit groggy or with a light headache, but these things dissipate with some breakfast and coffee.

What is acetaldehyde?

Acetaldehyde is a byproduct of alcohol metabolism. When we drink, our bodies break down ethanol in 2 steps: first from ethanol to acetaldehyde, and second from acetaldehyde to acetate (innocuous, essentially vinegar) – see more info on this process HERE. The first reaction moves quickly, but the second reaction is slow because the enzyme our body produces to run the reaction isn’t very efficient. So when we drink, acetaldehyde tends to build up in our bodies. This is bad news, because acetaldehyde is highly toxic.

There are hundreds of papers demonstrating the toxic effects of acetaldehyde. HERE is one that shows a direct comparison of acetaldehyde to ethanol.HERE i And HERE a summary of studies published by the EU regarding the safety (or lack thereof!) of acetaldehyde.

I thought that alcohol caused dehydration?

Alcohol is indeed a diuretic, but that actually contributes only minimally to the morning-after effects of drinking. There is actually some pretty cool scientific literature that shows that none of the markers of dehydration are present the morning after.  And this makes sense; if the fog after drinking was due solely to dehydration, a glass of water in the morning would make you 100%... but we all know from experience that morning-after misery can persist well into the day.

Is this FDA-approved?

No.  ZB is currently a prototype food ingredient and has not been approved as efficacious by the FDA. We are still in the process of bringing it through the correct regulatory channels in order to be able to sell it in the United States.  Additionally, right now ZB is not made in a registered food-grade facility. We make it ourselves in our lab.  We try to ensure the safety and purity of every batch using several laboratory tests.  In addition, we ingest a sample from each batch ourselves to ensure safety and consistency.

How can I get more?

Email and CC at least 1 friend you think would enjoy ZB as well. If they send us their shipping address or otherwise confirm they're interested, we'll work to send you both an additional sample.

This is amazing!  How can I help spread the word?

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